Amy Kilpatric

Amy kilpatric


Amy has a B.A. in Biology/Secondary Education, and an M.A. Education.  She attended Drury University for undergrad and Washington University for her masters degree.  Amy has 26 years of teaching experience.


playing with my grandchildren.

seeing the pride in a child’s face when he or she learns how to do something new.

it is filled with joyous children, teachers, and parents.

strawberry rhubarb pie

historical fiction

go for hikes and nature walks, playing my dulcimer, going to yoga class, and spending time with my family

BA in Science Education from Drury University and MA in Educational Instruction Process from Washington University.

each child is born with the inquisitive mind of a scientist, creative mind of an artist or writer, and logical mind of an engineer or mathematician. The goal of a good educator is to help children develop all of these skills in order to assist them in becoming adults who appreciate the work of others and continue to love and learn new things.


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