Summer Camp 2019


The Lab School Summer Camp is a day camp in Kirkwood for children 3-6 years old who are potty trained and have not attended kindergarten.


Camps consist of hands-on activities, each focusing on a central theme.  Activities include water fun, art experiences and dramatic play. Each session features a special guest or field trip.

Camps are offered in 1 week increments ($175/week)… come to one or all!  The camp day is from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM and includes a morning snack and catered lunch.  Don’t miss the memories of a wonderful summer experience for your preschool camper, planned and taught by degreed staff!


Session 1: 6/3-6/7


We celebrate the start of summer with this Sense-sational
exploration of our five senses. What do your senses tell you about
tricky scents and mysterious sounds? We’ll touch unusual items
that will turn into collages made on old record albums. Making ice
sculptures (brrrrrr) and binoculars will be part of our adventure.
You’ll love the mystery taste test by sampling things eaten by
different animals. What senses can we use as we prepare and snack
on monkey bread? A visit from Ms. Debby will show us
how singing and instruments can teach us about our senses.
Don’t miss the celebration and wonder of our senses!

Session 2: 6/10-6/14


Spend a week being royalty! Our “kings and queens” will be
busy creating designs for their crowns and capes. We’ll explore
different castles in history, and use our hands and brains to design
castles from a variety of materials. Watch for a scavenger hunt
as we seek to find the Crown Jewels on the playground!
Our royal chefs will decorate cookies for a take home treat.
A storyteller will visit us to share some books and songs to
close out our magical adventure in the land of castles, towers
and dragons.

Session 3: 6/17-6/21


Join us for a week of “Mad” experiments as we explore the
scientific wonders that are all around us. Our scientists will
discover how mixing different elements can have astounding
results. We’ll “cook” marbles to watch how they change. Using
our telescopes and magnifying glasses, we’ll take a close look
at the wonders of mother nature. Making our own playdoh
and “slime” to take home is part of the fun. We’ll do an art
project with the help of the sun and make “rock candy” for a
yummy treat. We will wrap up the week with a visit from a
scientist (not a mad one!).

Session 4: 6/24-6/28


What is more exciting than a celebration of treasured stories?
We’ll visit old favorites and make way for new ones! Don’t miss
“wear a hat to camp” day and we’ll enjoy reading Caps for Sale.
We’ll create “catching caps” for a fun art and movement project.
Meet Knuffle Bunny and some other bunny friends that will be
part of our diorama project. We’ll make a magical necklace from
an unexpected material, and enjoy chocolate “mud” as campers
each make one of The Three Pigs. After reading Purple, Green and
Yellow, we’ll enjoy running colorful relays, and then spray our
Oobleck to make it change colors. Our favorite librarian will visit us.
Don’t miss this magical world of children’s literature where all is
possible and anything can happen!


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Marie Wiesner - The Lab School

Ms. Marie teaches Early Care during the school year.

Jan Picco - The Lab School

Ms. Jan teaches our Gross Motor class during the school year.


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