Summer Camp 2022


The Lab School Summer Camp is a day camp in Kirkwood for children 3-6 years old who are potty trained and have not attended kindergarten.


Camps consist of hands-on activities, each focusing on a central theme.  Activities include water fun, art experiences and dramatic play. Each session features a special guest or field trip.

Camps are offered in 1 week increments ($185/week)… come to one or all!  The camp day is from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM and includes a morning snack and catered lunch.  Don’t miss the memories of a wonderful summer experience for your preschool camper, planned and taught by degreed staff!


Session 1: May 31 – June 3

Walk on the Wild Side (4 Days, $148)

Join the fun as we meet several forest animals in Over the Meadow. Children will create habitats for fuzzy animals and use unusual materials to create a firefly.  We’ll learn about owls and laugh at Cock-a-doodle-hooo, when owl friends decide NOT to live in the forest.  We’ll make frog visors, and with music and hands-on materials, learn about the life cycle of frogs.  Frogs will be “jumping” across the classroom and “swimming” to lily pads in the Sensory Table.  Hedgehogs and porcupines?  Are they the same?  We’ll join Happy Hedgehog Band, making our own hedgehogs and instruments.  Don’t miss this Walk on the Wild Side!

Session 2: June 6 – June 10

Oceans of Fun

Welcome to the adventures offered by the world of water! We’ll enjoy lovable stories like Swimmy and A House for Hermit Crab. Let’s examine and decorate seashells and make our own coral reef. Water days will include engaging beach materials, and investigating whether items sink or float!  We’ll get a taste of the ocean by  preparing a beach themed yogurt snack.  Don’t miss our Oceans of fun….we promise a “whale” of a good time!

Session 3: June 13 - June 17

Storybook Stew

What’s more exciting than a celebration of treasured stories?
We’ll visit old favorites and make way for new ones! Will there be
Caps for Sale? Creating “catching hats” will be both an art and
movement activity. Meet Knuffle Bunny and try your hand at
making a miniature diorama with Bunnies! that hide from their
new friend. We’ll make a magical necklace from an unexpected
item, create one of The Three Pigs and “play” in chocolate mud!
Hear Purple, Green and Yellow, then spray Ooblique to make it
change colors. Purple, green and yellow balls will inspire an aiming
and running game. Don’t miss this magical world of children’s
literature, where anything is possible and everything can happen!

Session 4: June 20 – June 24


Step right up for Carnival fun! We’ll investigate different parts of
of carnival life like food, games and talents! We’ll enjoy reading
At the Carnival and The Carnival of the Animals. Sensory experiences
include playing with cotton candy playdough and listening to the
sounds of the carnival. We’ll play well-known carnival games like
ring toss and cup knock-down, and decorate our own carnival
party hats. We’ll make and bake our own soft pretzels from scratch.
What shape will yours be? The adventure of the carnival beckons, so
don’t miss the fun!


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Jan Picco - The Lab School

Ms. Jan teaches our Gross Motor class during the school year.


Ms. Rachel teaches our Blue Room class during the school year.


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